GSoC ’09: Mesquite

Pop-up it will be August 9, 2009

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Up till now I’ve left it up in the air whether to have the dot graphs show up in an independent pop-up window or as an unselected PictureWindow tab beside the matrix, but Mesquite decided for me- when I add a PW tab then my NeXML annotations stop showing up in the footnotes, so it’s going to be a separate pop-up window.

I’m at one of those extra-fun parts in my project where I’m really close to the completion of a mini chunk of the project. I’ve got the pop-up window showing upon a click, with a dot graph in it that is written and read on the fly. The last little bit to do is to make the dot graph reflect the cell that was clicked, rather than just a pre-determined dot graph.

I _think_ I can get that done tonight. I’d love to go to bed having accomplished that.
It’s been somewhat frustrating working with Grappa since there aren’t explicit tutorials; you’ve got to sort out how it works from a given array of example files. On the other hand, it’s that much more satisfying when you get it working. (Luckily I saw that coming, so I didn’t despise it the whole way along.)

On a different topic, I wonder how many other computer programmers are seriously into math and music. I can’t be the only one who sees how perfectly and naturally these three subjects fit together. Every bit of work I do in one subject feeds the others so immediately. If I’m stuck on a computer programming problem then I know I can take a break and do some math or music to attack it from a different angle.

I’m beginning to have a sense for what exactly I do in one subject that will affect something specifically in another. For example, it’s so much easier to sight-read after debugging a program.

I haven’t had much luck converting my close friends. My music friends detest math and prefer I don’t bring it up before mealtime, and my math and computer friends, although slightly more open to the idea, still seem to consider music outside of their talent areas or worse, a lesser endeavor.

I guess I just want to see more mathematician and computer programming rock-stars.


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