GSoC ’09: Mesquite

Passed the test August 2, 2009

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Finally finished up with testing last week. Testing with a faraway user reminds me of those games you play during the teambuilding stages of summer camp where you’re put into pairs and one person has to verbally direct the other person who’s blindfolded while they’re traversing an obstacle course or where one person has a picture and tries to describe it well enough that the second person can create a replica.

You quickly get better at it as you start to figure out your tester’s level of knowledge, what sorts of things they probably won’t know or could misinterpret, etc. Luckily my tester was really detailed and specific with all of the steps she took, so it was more or less simple to follow her logic and get a picture of what was going on on her end. It still made me wish for something equivalent to Fog Creek’s Copilot, with the addition of limitations to a specific directory, so I wouldn’t have to have access to her whole computer.

I’ve simultaneously been working on the second part of my GSoC project, the visualizations. It took me a bit to get Graphviz, Graphviz Image Viewer and Grappa all working, and I’ve gotten a new picture window to show up when NexmlViewer runs. Currently the picture that loads is just a standard picture on my computer, which is a step away from the dot file I have to get showing up in there. I think I’ll have to make the dot file into a Mesquite component first and then add it to the window. More later.


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