GSoC ’09: Mesquite

Testing 123 July 16, 2009

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I solved the problems of getting columns displaying, of getting a reference to the original file location (that was lost after nexml saved the file as something new, with a .nex extension), of failing gracefully (no horrible crashes when a user tries to see the NeXML annotations on a file for which there are none). Finally, made my module’s requisite corny splash image. Does it recall 1950’s vacation advertisements?:


Now I’m in the testing phase. Which is uneventful so far. All of the little problems that have come up from my mentor have been decently quick for me to fix. As for working with my student tester, I realize now how tricky it can be trying to help someone through steps necessary to get a program working when you’re not sure of their skill level and where they are in the process of getting things set up. Are they struggling with things that you could help them with or are they busy with a different project at the moment? Are they going to be vocal when they run into problems of pretend they understand things that they don’t, letting the problem snowball?

In the meantime I’m learning the dot language and working with graphviz, in prep for the next stage of my project. (Rec: if you’re going to install GraphViz, just save your time fiddling with package managers and compile from source.)


2 Responses to “Testing 123”

  1. Hilmar Says:

    Hi Kasia – awesome splash image! Is it NeXML or Mesquite that evokes the 1950s feeling for you 😉

    • kasiahayden Says:

      Hey, don’t misquote me as making cracks on NeXML or Mesquite- I have enough trouble on my hands with what I start by myself! 🙂 It’s my splash that got that 1950’s postcard feel:

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